KLF: Hanif Kureishi

My name is hanif kureishi I’m a writer, novelist. I write essays, stories, plays. I;m always available for paying work.

What are you working on right now?

I’m writing a novel at the moment and I’m writing a movie based on that novel at the same time. Something I haven’t done before so finding it rather difficult but interesting.
Is this your first time at the Karachi literature festival?
Yeah, I’m very happy to be here. It’s quite interesting what’s going on. There’s so me very good writing coming from Pakistan and there should be ? of writing coming out of Pakistan. It’s very interesting to me to see as it were ah, to see pakistan’s responses to that and how  re-intergarted it is into the society ?

What do you do to overcome writer’s block?

I used to get blocked when I was younger. I don’t  really get stuck. I cant afford to. I think I sort of overcame my ? with writing blocks when I had children because if you ? them to school and then you pick up the kids you just got that period that window if you don’t write then you’ve had it. Umm so I just learned to write when I have the time. You just need to get on with it, you cant indulge yourself and that’s about it. So having children I’d say is the best thing to do to ? writer’s block.

What do you drink while writing?

I drink vast amounts of coffee in the morning so I love to drink and then if I do a bit of writing in the afternoon then I drink tea but I would never drink alcohol when I’m writing, make it much more difficult.

Who’s your favorite author here? Or a favorite book from pakistan?

I really enjoyed mohammad hanif’s book case of exploding mangoes. I thought it was very very funny and very well written. Very unexpected. Very lively. I like mohsin hamid. I think he’s a fantastic writer. Kamila shamsie. Daniyal mueenuddin. Some good writing coming out of this country at the moment. It’s a very exciting period.