Anisa Sheikh: Student and model/VJ

Anisa Sheikh is a VJ/model/actress from Pakistan, currently pursuing her Bachelors in Berlin. I interviewed her for the beauty section of this blog and got her to share the contents of her pink fuzzy makeup kit that she travels with, her favorite products as well as the ones she is using currently as part of her daily beauty routine.

“I have had my nose pierced since I was 16 and I have always had a small little thing inside it. This last year I went to Spain. I was feeling a little more adventurous and I also felt a bit angry about the stereotype of nose rings in Pakistan. I always remember wanting to wear it and being told by various aunties (in Pakistan) that I shouldn’t be wearing a nose ring because, you know, those kind of women wear or it doesn’t look very nice on you. I thought it’s nonsense. So many girls here wear that (nose ring), which is something that we wear in our part of the world and I was like I am going to do it so I put a big ring in my nose (laughs). I quite enjoy it. I don’t know if I am going to keep it  forever. It’s a bit annoying.”

On skin care:

“I wake up in the morning and I take a shower. I brush my teeth in the shower which people find very weird (laughs) But I do that. I don’t really have a very expensive skin routine or anything of the sort. I have this old bottle of Clean & Clear gentle face wash that I use now. But that’s because I can’t find my Himalaya face wash in Germany, which is one that I have used for years and years. It suits my skin perfectly. It is a neem face wash that you get in Pakistan. It’s perfect for me because I have always had weird troublesome skin. My skin is not very acne prone but I definitely break out from time to time and I realize, I know it sounds clichéd but the less chemicals I put on my face the less chances I have of breaking out. I think using products with no soap for the face really helps me. I’m not crazy about wearing masks very often but Multani Mitti  is something that I carry around with me everywhere I travel. I swear by it. I think it works incredibly well. I also think in my experience working with makeup and stuff for so long that there are really just a few rules. Wash your face immediately afterwards. Don’t pull or tug at your mascara. Use oil to take your eye makeup off. I don’t cleanse and tone. I just wash with a strong face wash and use a good moisturizer. I would put a mask once a week not more than that, because I think it messes with the skin a bit. I moisturize every morning and that’s it. I have been using a L’Oreal hydrating cream but at the moment I am using Sephora age defy moisture cream spf 15.”


“I have a Himalaya hair oil that I keep in this part of the world. Just because I feel the water here is very hard and my hair gets really damaged so I use hair oil once a week, if I can on Sundays. But I’ve now started swearing by conditioner. I always use Dove conditioners and shampoos.”


“I used to use Touche’ Eclat. I cannot afford it anymore so I don’t use it.  It’s great to bring out highlights on your nose, on your eyes. It really looks like you have not used any makeup at all. That was a stick I would carry around everywhere so I would say twice a day. Like in the morning and then a touch up. For foundation I used to use Chanel, again in days when I had much more money. Chanel I felt had a more shiny finish, the liquid one that is, the finish was much better when my skin was slightly more tan because I could get much better sheen off of it. Right now I am using MAC, because there is not a lot of tan in my life. I think it’s a nice dry quick fix. I use a Mac concealer under the eyes and on the marks and then I use a little bit of liquid foundation to even it out. I use a Rimmel bronzer just slightly under the chin and on the side of the cheeks to give a little definition. Sometimes if I am feeling daring I’ll put it on my nose. It makes it look like I’ve gotten a bit of a tan. I’m not crazy about dusting bronzer all over the face. Think it looks very unnatural if you’re in the sunlight. I use a MAC blush.  Sanam (Saeed) actually convinced me to do this, I was very conservative with my blush on so I would get a very nude or light shades and she was like go for a bright dark intense pink and just put a little burst of color on your cheeks and it wears off during the day and so she kind of took it out of me which is nice. I don’t put a lot of eye makeup on. Not an eye shadow person. I usually just put a thin line on the top of my eye. I use a Mabrook kajal cake type thing with a water color brush which was from the working days on tv when I realized it’s the best way to  sort of make the cleanest lines in your eyes and it washes off very easily.  Mascara, I usually use Maybelline or CoverGirl. I don’t like clumpy stuff. I like long defining lashes, so the one I’m using right now is lash blast length and it’s cover girl actually. I always have a dry mascara brush on me. It’s for my eye brows and its for removing the clumps off the fresh mascara. So I’ll apply mascara on my eyes and then I’ll take the dry brush and clean the clumpiness off. For lips, I will always have a red lipstick in my bag. Just in case I’m going out somewhere but I use one by Lush cosmetics its called “never been kissed.” It’s a really bright red tint. I just put it on top of my lips and then I use Vaseline. Peng (Hair dresser at Toni & Guy, Pakistan) gave me this red lipstick which is the best shade I have. I can’t remember the name now.  She said you need a red lipstick to go with your haircut. The lipstick I have now is Revlon and its called True Red.”