Off with their Tweets

Reminiscent of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland with her decapitating predilections, so too the Pakistani government keeps attempting to kill the social media and perhaps the entire internet if it could in attempts to silence its critics and any critics or critical voices that may be raised either against Pakistan, its government or against the dominant religion of the country that is Islam.

The reason for the 8-hour ban, according to the Pakistani authorities as reported by various news outlets around the country, was concern about blasphemous material doing the rounds on the social media site. The ban and the reasons for its imposition are both not new to Pakistan and similar restrictions were enacted on Facebook and were debated with regards to the use of certain words for text messaging. Certain news articles have mentioned a similar ban on Flickr, although I have no clue what the reason behind it was.

The ban merely caused a flurry of Tweets and Facebook messages—a number of those tweets were from Pakistan itself as people managed to circumvent the block and tweeted their rage. Here a few of my favorite tweets.

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