Books and articles on Pakistan Railways

Below is a list of books and reports that are good sources of information on Pakistan Railways. The Berridge title comes highly recommended by Pakistani travel writer Salman Rashid.

Title: 150 Glorious Years of Indian Railways

Author: R.K. Vaidyanathan

Title: My Years With Pakistan Railways

Author: Engr. Mian Ghias-ud-din

Title: Adventure Through Khyber

Author: Victor Bayley

Title: Pakistan Railway Report 1963

Title: Newman’s Indian Bradshaw 1978

Title: The Railway Budget for 1964-65

Title: Pakistan Western Railway Annual Report 1960-61

Title: Pakistan Railways: Ministry of Communications Railway Division for 1947-48 Excluding Junagarh State

Title: What Ails the Railways

Author: Syed Abdul Quddus

Title: The Great Railway Bazaar

Author: Paul Theroux

Title: The Imperial Way—By Rail from Peshawar to Chittagong

Author: Paul Theroux

Title: Indian Railway Stories

Author: Ruskin Bond

Title: Couplings to the Khyber

Author: P.S.A Berridge

Articles and other resources

1. Pakistan Railways Train Names by Owais Mughal, 2004

2. Bail Gari Vs Rail Gari by Intizar Hussain