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December 09



From the History Archives: Colonial Pint

The above page is from a June 1978 issue of Asiaweek magazine, a Hong Kong based weekly that was owned by Time Inc. Asia Week began circulating in 1975, and ceased publication in December 2001. This is the first post in a series of excerpts from the 1978 issues of Asiaweek. The article is about […]

Childhood musings

Ammi would recite this little poem to us:   Chiree ki paapaa yahaan beth Chireen ki paapaa yahaan beth Daana khaa Paani pi Phhooo urjaaa   She would hold out my hand, palm side up, her finger doing a tap dance in the center of my tiny palm and then with the last line she […]


                  “In addition to its importance in regard to social life, and the art of government, geography unfolds to us the celestial phenomena, acquaints us with the occupants of the land and ocean, vegetation, fruits, and peculiarities of the various quarters of the earth, a knowledge of which marks him who cultivates it as a […]

Domestic workers

“An estimated fifty to one hundred million people, a vast majority of them women and girls, are employed in private homes as domestic workers. They carry out many of the most essential tasks for the household, including cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, shopping, and caring for children and elderly members of the employer’s family…” Jo Becker, […]

Wanderlust Captured on a Vintage Camera

We went to Sri Lanka, France and India. The only place we did not attend a wedding was in India. Alas, I missed the super wedding affair that was the toast of Chandigarh in December last year. But laments aside, these videos shot on the super8 camera have become somewhat of an obsession with Sof. […]

March 22

How To Avoid Being Killed In A War Zone

When a six-week trip to Baghdad turned into an almost six month stay, Rosie Garthwaite, Al Jazeera journalist, found herself completely unprepared for the change in plans. How to Avoid Being Killed in a War Zone is her guide for reporters traveling on international assignments covering war zones and/or stories in sensitive regions. The book […]

1909 Indian Railway Map

a 1909 Railway Map

Books and articles on Pakistan Railways

Below is a list of books and reports that are good sources of information on Pakistan Railways. The Berridge title comes highly recommended by Pakistani travel writer Salman Rashid. Title: 150 Glorious Years of Indian Railways Author: R.K. Vaidyanathan Title: My Years With Pakistan Railways Author: Engr. Mian Ghias-ud-din Title: Adventure Through Khyber Author: Victor […]

Buying a ticket for the Khyber Mail

I was the only woman  at the Karachi City Railway Station. There to get a ticket for a train ride from Karachi to Lahore on the Khyber Mail. There were no lines at the reservation windows, just swarms of men. I got behind one throng, as close as I dared, and waited my turn. Behind […]